Hendrick from US

I attended a yoga retreat in February 2018 at the Chandra Karuna Yoga Studio, and it was truly a life changing experience! Daniela is definitely the best yoga teacher I have come across, especially in the way she teaches her class. Daniela’s approach of Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Yoga made it a very memorable class. I love the way she makes all students feel at ease no matter what level of experience they have. In the class, she also included sound healing and mindfulness meditation, which took the class to another level. To top it all off, the yoga studio is made of wood and beautifully placed outside the guesthouse (in nature), where you will actually hear true sounds of birds, crickets, etc etc. One morning during our yoga class, it started raining and it was just amazing, and I can’t truly explain it, except that it is something you would only see in a brilliant movie that made a perfect scene! I will definitely return to this amazing studio and recommend it to anyone. One more thing, stay at the guesthouse – you will not regret it; breakfast is amazing, and everyone makes you feel welcome and like family.